3 Best And Simple Techniques To Improve Your Shrimp Dinner Recipe

Shrimp Dinner Recipe

Were you raised in a shrimp cocktail family? If not, then it’s uncommon to see a platter of poached shrimp and heavy cocktail sauce on your dinner table. In simpler words, you might haven’t enjoyed a shrimp dinner recipe. Nowadays, shrimps are not that fresh and packed ones are not healthy and full of preservatives.

Above all, poorly cooked shrimps just only ruin your dining experience. Later, you feel shy to order shrimps in your favorite restaurant. Do you want to cook your shrimps perfectly? Well, perfectly cooked shrimps are juicy, plump body, and crispy.

Are you finding the techniques to get excellent shrimps every time? There are numerous ways to make your shrimps more delicious and crispy. Here are the best techniques worth trying to improve any shrimp dinner recipe

Start Your Cooking With A Brine

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Before we reveal some effective methods, one technique we found that can enhance any shrimp recipe, brine of salt with baking soda. It might sound prevalent and unsatisfying, but this combination will do wonders. Baking soda makes your shrimps more crispy and firm, while salt keeps them moist.

You need around 1/4 teaspoon of fresh alkaline baking soda and one teaspoon of kosher salt for every single pound of shrimps. You can sprinkle both alkaline baking soda and kosher salt and keep them inside the freezer for around 20 minutes to 1 hour.


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Poached shrimps are cool and dressed with minimum toppings; you cannot have them with the warm and delicious sauce. Poaching is one of the most effective techniques where shrimps will cook slowly according to water temperature.

Cooking shrimps using this method, you can expect a tender texture with less simmering water. By using cold water for cooking shrimps, the outer layers become crispy and juicy. Subsequently, you should heat the water until 170 degrees and let your shrimps swim in simmering water.


Grilling is the prevalent method used while cooking fast-cooking foods like shrimps and meat. If you enjoy those burning flames while cooking your shrimps, grilling is the best bet. As already mentioned above, alkaline baking soda and salt enhance the texture of shrimps.

But, when you add a pinch of sugar, you’ll see faster and better browning of your shrimp. In simpler words, you’ll get a unique combination of bitterness and sweetness without that rubbery texture.

For better results, you can even use skewers for grilling your shrimps. While using skewers, you can ensure that your shrimps are not dried and overcooked. To check out more about grilling the shrimps, you can watch YouTube video tutorials. Don’t forget to get garlic paste while grilling your shrimps to get a rich tangy flavor.

Final Wrap-Up

Lastly, whatever techniques you use for your shrimps, ensure you pull them from cooking when you see hallmark pink hue color. In simpler words, when you see this color, remove your shrimps from the pan, saute, wok, etc. If you need the best shrimp dinner recipe, check out different traditional cookbooks instead of the latest ones.

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