3 Easy To Prepare Yogurt Dessert Recipes

yoghurt dessert recipe

Hardly there may be someone who doesn’t like to have something sweet after a meal. But why do most health-cautious people avoid desserts? Because most of the desserts are high in sugar and creates a calorie surplus. Well, try some healthy yogurt-based dessert. Pick any yogurt dessert recipe as the best complement to your meal. 

No-Bake Yogurt Cheesecake

Yogurt Dessert

For no-bake cheesecake, you have to replace cream cheese with hung yogurt, whipping cream with milk cream, and refined sugar with jaggery. Whisk these three ingredients taking in (1:1:0.5) till it becomes smooth and fluffy. Now, in some molten agar-agar gel, add fruit puree and dice as per the required flavor. Mix it into the cheesecake mixture. Make sure that the yogurt is not sour. Now, for making the base, crush roasted soya chunks and add some jaggery and ghee for sweetness and binding. 

Now, take a mold, put the base mix, and press it tightly, place a thick layer of cheesecake mix, and put it in the refrigerator. Serve it after 30 minutes.

Mishti Doi

Yogurt Dessert

Take 4 cups of full-fat milk and give it a boil until it reduces to 3 cups, let it rest. Melt some jaggery in a saucepan and slowly add that lukewarm milk into it. Whisk it until jaggery dissolves. Take fresh hung yogurt and whisk it till it becomes smooth. Add sweetened milk into it and again whisk it till it becomes slightly frothy. Cover it and let it rest for 6 hours in a warm place. Take it out and garnish it with dry fruits. Now, your Mishti Doi is ready to serve. Everyone will surely love this authentic Bengali delicacy. 


Mix 4 tablespoons of unsweetened milk powder in a liter of milk. Boil it and then take it to lukewarm condition. Add a tablespoon of curd and let it rest overnight. In the morning, put it into the refrigerator. Now, you’ll see that it has become creamy and tight yogurt. Strain it using a muslin cloth. Take this hung yogurt and whisk it until it becomes creamy in texture. Add jaggery, green cardamom powder, and saffron water (optional) to this, and mix well. Put it into the refrigerator for 10 minutes and take it into bowls. Garnish with some saffron strands and mishri cubes. Now, enjoy this Gujrati yogurt dessert. 


Finding some easy and healthy dessert alternatives is not a difficult task as we think. And when it comes to a delicious yogurt dessert recipe, there can be a long list for this. All you need to be creative and do some experiments with ingredients, that’s it. Just think how healthy these three yogurt desserts are. We replaced all the possible unhealthy ingredients with healthy ingredients like- jaggery, curd, soya chunks, ghee, fruits, etc. without adding any flour, saturated fat, artificial flavors, etc. Now, it’s your turn to try these yogurt dessert recipes at your home.

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