5 Tasty Meal Options You Can Cook On A Lazy Day

5 Tasty Meal Options You Can Cook On A Lazy Day

Ever had one of those days where you are too tired to walk into the kitchen? Such days always end up in you ordering takeout meals like pizzas. Pizza is a super meal to have, but in the age of fast foods, it can be detrimental to your health in the long run. This is especially so if you’re lazy days are closely spaced.

Everyone gets tired once in a while. However, this shouldn’t be the excuse to ignore kitchen duties for a fast meal. There are a couple of easy to make meals you can prepare without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. Whether breakfast or dinner, there is always something for any time of the day. Check this article out for some of these ideas.

Steel Cut Oatmeal

5 Tasty Meal Options You Can Cook On A Lazy Day
5 Tasty Meal Options You Can Cook On A Lazy Day

Because breakfast is the first and crucial meal of the day, Steel-cut oatmeal forms the first addition to this list. Start your mornings with this excellent breakfast choice, and your day will fall into place as you wanted.

As oats are whole grains, they have plenty of nutritious goodies in the store. Also, you can add in some savory toppings which are your decision to make. You can have mushrooms, eggs, nuts, and even some greens.

Chickpeas And Spinach Meal

The humble chickpea can create some stunning yet straightforward meals for those lazy days at home. You need a few ingredients to succeed with this meal and in the end; you will even think that you’ve forgotten something.

Chickpeas and spinach are the main ingredients. Besides onions and tomato paste, the rest of the ingredients are spices. This means that you can easily make your blend as desired.

Chickpeas and spinach combo are savory yet straightforward, as all meals ought to be.

One-Pot Creamy Broccoli

5 Tasty Meal Options You Can Cook On A Lazy Day
5 Tasty Meal Options You Can Cook On A Lazy Day

Broccoli is not exactly a preferred vegetable. Its taste is subjective for some and may need some getting used to. However, pair it up with some pasta, and you will have a divine meal on your plate.

One-pot creamy broccoli is literally what it means. All the ingredients are added into a single pot and cooked together. No extra dishes or preparing additional ingredients you will need anymore. This is ideal for those days when you do not feel like indulging in any chores. What’s noteworthy about the dish is the rich nutrients broccoli brings into the meal.

Speedy Shakshuka Meal

Speedy shakshuka is a sumptuous meal that is cooks pretty fast in less than thirty minutes. It will be ready before you know it, especially during those lazy days.

The meal combines several veggies like bell peppers, a bunch of spices, eggs and whole wheat bread for the extra fiber. The bread is toasted and the cooked ingredients spread into the slices like a sandwich but not entirely. The shakshuka can be eaten on its own, so get your supplies and try some.

Baked Cheesy Apple Sandwiches

Sandwiches have for a long time been the go-to meal for lazy days. They are splendid easy to make and require hardly any preparation time at all. All you need is some bread and filling for the sandwich.

For this particular sandwich, you will need some apples, spinach, melted cheese, and sourdough bread. For the apples to turn out crispy, it should be baked together with the sandwich. This meal is an excellent accompaniment to soups at dinner time.

So finally, working in the kitchen doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. These easy-to-make meals are perfect for those days when chores just don’t cut it.

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