A Chicken Alfredo Recipe With Heavy Cream

chicken alfredo recipe

So, how do you make chicken Alfredo? It is one of my favourite meals to cook. It has that wonderful cheesy, yet still very subtle chicken taste, with the addition of creamy Alfredo sauce. Alfredo sauce comes in so many different flavours, but the simple lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, gives you so many options for using it. It is a great, cheap meal to prepare, and the chicken makes it very filling, while the Alfredo sauce adds that fresh, tasty, cheese for the rich, creamy taste. So here, I will give you a few ideas for making your own.

You can start your chicken alfredo recipe with just plain old flour. This is fine, if you have the time, as the whole point of making a chicken dish in this way is to work with all the different types of flour you can get your hands on. So, how to make chicken alfredo recipe ingredients with Italian seasoning? Very simply. Mix together 2 teaspoons of dry Italian seasoning, with a little water to make a thick paste, then add this to your dry ingredients.

Once you have made your all-together smooth paste, add your chicken alfredo recipe ingredients to it. Now, you can mix everything up by turning the ingredients in their liquid form, so they are well incorporated into the final mix. At this point, you can either use a hand blender or your mixer to blend it all together. Once this is done, you can scrape down the bowl to remove the mixture. Then, you will want to transfer this to a serving dish, and top with your parmesan cheese.

As you can see, there is no need to beat around the bush when making this dish. You can throw everything into one dish, and use your imagination to make something completely unique to your family and guests. Even if you cannot whip up a perfectly alfredo sauce, you can still have a delicious meal on the table. That’s because Alfredo sauce is naturally made for sauces. Chicken, pasta, and vegetables are all great ingredients for a traditional Alfredo sauce. You may find that you like this chicken alfredo recipe the best when you make it with fresh vegetables instead of pasta.

If you have ever cooked a chicken alfredo recipe with pasta before, you know that Alfredo sauce tends to be on the thicker side. The good news is that you do not need to overdo it with the Alfredo. Simply add just enough to give you that full bodied, crispy golden brown hit. As an added bonus, this delicious recipe will also keep you from getting hungry!

You may also want to use heavy cream in this dish, but only up to a point. You do not want to use too much heavy cream as it can drown the flavors of your chicken alfredo recipe. Instead, add about two tablespoons of heavy cream to about half a cup of water. You will find that you do not need to add the entire tablespoon of cream to your sauce, as this may be too much for your taste buds.

Bottom Line

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When making chicken alfredo, there is another ingredient that is sometimes overlooked. This ingredient is called evaporated milk. In fact, many people omit this ingredient from their recipes simply because they think it takes too much time to make. This is simply untrue. In fact, evaporated milk can be used in your chicken alfredo recipe almost immediately. You will find that this adds a depth of flavor to your dish that simply cannot be achieved with heavy cream.

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