A Delicious Homemade Turkey Soup Recipe For Thanksgiving

turkey soup recipe

Easy 30 Minute Turkey Noodle Soup. Have leftover Thanksgiving turkey soup sitting around your house? Make this turkey soup to revive the flavors of this year’s festivities! It tastes just as good as grandma’s classic chicken noodle soup, only with turkey instead! This soup is made with the tried and true ingredients that grandma made for decades – turkey, savory broth, noodles (link not available), onion, and bell pepper (or green chilies, if you like).

This soup is very easy to make. All you need are leftover turkey carcass, canned soup base, chicken broth, and chicken bouillon. You can find this soup base in most grocery stores or cookware stores. I usually use Lowest Pressure Cooking Water Online to prepare my recipes, and the soup is done in about an hour.

A True Chili Flavor

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To make this homemade turkey soup more delicious, you can add different seasonings to the broth. Try adding a teaspoon of chipotle pepper flakes to the broth for a true chili flavor. If you want a more mild version of this, try using cumin in the broth. Just be careful that you do not use too much cumin, because it will burn easily. You can also try using garlic for this recipe. Garlic has a mild but flavorful flavor.

Other great choices for this soup recipes include parsley, thyme, and basil. These herbs bring out the flavor of the turkey without overpowering it. These herbs can be used throughout the entire meal, or you can just take a few leaves and sprinkle on top after the cooking is done. Keep in mind that these herbs will lose their flavor after several hours. Some people even leave them in the pot when they go to bed, just so they can have a constant supply of fresh herbs.

You Can Eat What You Put Into It

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One of the best parts of this recipe is that you can eat what you put into it, instead of having to consume the turkey soup and all the other ingredients that go along with it. So if you don’t feel like eating meat, this is the perfect one for you. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to a hot bowl of soup waiting for you.

This is also a great way to save money. Since this is a quick and easy recipe, you can easily prepare it for every day and freeze some of the leftovers for a rainy day. This is one of those recipes that freezes well, so you will never have to worry about running out of soup. This saves you money over the long haul, since you will always have some noodles to throw into your blender at home whenever you need it.

Treat Your Family Or Friends

If you are hosting a thanksgiving party this year or just want to treat your family or friends, this is the perfect homemade turkey soup recipe for thanksgiving or any other time of the year. You can either use the turkey stock or liquid stock that you will be using as the base.

Then, you can add any variety of meats and vegetables that you would like to make it more delicious. You could also throw in some veggies or another type of soup ingredient, then mix it all up so that it is a hearty blend.

Final Words

For a Turkey Soup Recipe for thanksgiving, you can serve the mixture as a hearty meal or you can add it to other dishes, such as cornbread or vegetables. You could even use it in the same way as you would make a traditional soup. You can take a hot water bottle and put about a cup of the stock or broth into your crock pot and set it to medium heat. In about ten minutes you will have a delicious, healthy blend of all the things you love about this flavorful soup.

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