A Few Step By Step Ideas To Make Black Bean Soup Taste Better

black bean soup recipe

Have you ever heard of a black bean soup recipe? They are the ultimate comfort food that can be made to satiate a variety of cravings. Give yourself a well-deserved break from the kitchen and whip up such a hearty,vegetarian-rich black bean soup to cut down on preparation time. It is one thing to stuff a can with beans and throw it into the soup pot. It’s quite another to make it taste yummy and to come up with something that will fill your tummy.

Find Your Own Recipe

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Canned beans are very convenient especially when you just need a quick, healthy snack. You can get some good and delicious recipes for spicy black bean soup recipes online if you’re too lazy to go out to the grocery store.

I love garlic and when I come across a recipe that calls for smoked sausage along with the beans, I devour it. To make your own smoked sausage, simply slice or tear off a piece of thin cut white skin from the end of a fresh turkey, and cook it in an appropriate sausage fat for sausage. Make sure to use the lean meat and serve the soup with the smoked sausage. If you are serving it with vegetables, I would suggest using the tomatoes because they are also a great source of vitamins A, C and E. You can also sprinkle some flour onto the top of the baked turkey to give it some added flavor. You may even consider serving the whole thing with some baked sweet potatoes or some shredded carrots to round off the soup.

Liquid Instead Of Chicken

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One other difference I made in my canned black bean soup recipe was substituting the chicken stock for some of the liquid in the pot. Most of my chicken stock is already in a container that comes in a can. It does have a higher water content so it needed a little more liquid to add flavor, but it worked well with the spicy onions that I was adding. I used about half of the liquid to bring out the natural spices in my homemade chicken stock. I did not add any salt to the dish tasted just as good as any other chicken broth that I have tasted.

To add a smoky flavor to my black bean soup recipe, I used smoked, fresh turkey necks. I soaked the necks overnight and then smoked them the next day in the smoker. The result was very smoky. My husband loved the dish and it was so good we will be making it again this winter. Smoked turkey necks are difficult to find so I recommend asking your local butcher where you can purchase them.

Storing Utensil

Once you have your onions and meats ready, you will need a good pot or large pan for your black bean soup recipe. You will want to make sure that your soup is well cooked because you do not want the flavors to start to blend together. You can easily do this by placing your pot of soup on the stove and stirring constantly. When the liquid begins to boil, you can quickly switch the pot to the broiler to complete the cooking.

My third step for this recipe was to add my vegetable broth. I used two cups of vegetable broth. I didn’t have to add as much as some people might recommend so don’t be afraid to adjust the amounts accordingly. Then, with my food processor, I fitted the chopped up meats and vegetables into my food processor and Processed until they were in a smooth paste. I used my immersion circulator to seal the mixture and then let it sit for five minutes so the flavors could meld properly.

Ending Note

After you have completed this first step of this black bean soup recipe, you will need to add your second bowl of water to the pot and bring everything to a boil. Then, mix in your salt and pepper to the mixture and let simmer for the same amount of time you did in step one. Then, remove your pot from the heat, wipe the mixture down, remove your immersion circulator and serve warm.

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