A Great and Easy Tomato Soup Recipe

tom yum soup recipe

If you love soup and want to impress your guests then one of the best ways to do that is by using a Tom yum soup recipe. This recipe is so easy to make and yet still brings out the real flavors of Thailand. The Tom yum soup recipe is so popular that people from all over the world now make it on a regular basis. No longer is it just a breakfast food, it is now used as a staple diet for some and as a special treat for others.

I remember growing up in Thailand where a Tom yum soup recipe was always served to us at dinner time. It was such a special treat after a hard day’s work at school or at work. One of my favourite things about this soup recipe is that there are so many different types of it. It is amazing that the countries that have made it are still making it up today.

An Overview

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The base of any Tom yum dish is really just noodles, but there are so many different styles of noodles that you can use. In Thailand they like to use wheat noodles but you can also find them being made with Chinese wheat or even Indian basmati. Of course there are also noodles of every colour possible. There are the so called “warung” style noodles, which are thin and round. They are very common in north-east Asia, especially Malaysia.

Then you can also get soup that has seafood in it. Most of the Tom yum soup recipe that I know of makes it with fish and these days you can get them in all varieties. You can get yourself a simple fish noodle soup or one that incorporates other seafood such as scallops. It is really amazing how many different types of seafood there are and now you can even get them frozen. Just make sure you cook them just until they are soft – the flavour will come through when you are cooking the soup.

Tomato Soup Recipe

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Tom yum soup recipe is one that is going to be a hit with your family and friends because it is something that everyone can enjoy and will be healthy too. It will be a popular one because of the unique taste and the variety of flavours that it has. Most often Tom yum soup recipe uses chicken bones but you can use whatever you have available. This soup base is rather simple to make and once you have made your soup it can be kept warm by adding a little chicken broth or water. You will be left to add your seasonings and then serve.

The great thing about Tom yum soup recipe is that it is very cheap to make. It is not a complicated recipe and it is something that you can do with your kids to help make it more fun. When your family loves soup, you may find it more challenging to make a recipe that everyone will enjoy. It is one that can be made over again and it always leaves some delicious leftovers.

This soup has such an awesome taste and you can see how everyone is getting into the soup. As, well as the soup there are some other recipes that you can use to decorate your soup. One of these is a hot and sour soup. This is a very tasty soup and you will find that it is very easy to make. If you have never tried this soup before you may want to try adding a little hot mustard and a little sour cream to enhance the flavor. This soup is delicious and it is great for the cold winter days.

In The End

This soup has an amazing variety of flavour and you will find that each time you make it different. If you get bored with the tomato soup you can try different types of vegetables or even try different types of beans. There is something for everyone in this Tom yum soup recipe. You can make this soup in large quantities so you don’t have to worry about it getting cold during the winter months. Tom yum soup recipe will be a hit at any gathering this winter season.

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