Chef Mastery: Cooking Skills Every Chef Should Know

Chef Mastery: Cooking Skills Every Chef Should Know

Chefs all over the world differ with what they cook and how they cook the same. Most niche chefs all over the world have their specialized recipes and methods they use to whip up delicious meals. This is what makes every chef unique in their cooking.

Despite their uniqueness, however, there are a couple of things these guys share across the board. Every chef has mastered a set of skills that are universal across the cooking fraternity. Therefore, if you want to become one of these guys, besides enrolling in a cooking class, you must first master a couple of abilities that will aid in your growth as a chef. Besides becoming a top-notch chef or cook, these talents are a critical starting point before you can become a fully-fledged cook.

So what are some of these skills? Check this article out and find out more.

Chopping An Onion

Onions are a staple when it comes to any kitchen. They are included in almost every meal. When you know how to chop an onion with speed, you can hasten meal preparation times considerably. This skill, however, needs some experience to master. Dealing with a sharp knife can be dangerous, especially if you are starting out doing so. Some useful things to consider are the effects of onions such as tearing and how you can avoid them.

Boiling An Egg

Chef Mastery: Cooking Skills Every Chef Should Know
Chef Mastery: Cooking Skills Every Chef Should Know

This has to be the easiest task in any kitchen the world over. But sometimes, if you are not keen enough, you will end up with an egg that your clients do not want.

First of all, you need to understand the various methods of preparing a boiled egg. The secret to all of this is timing. If boiled for a short time, it will come out runny, and the flavor may put off some eaters.

Cooking Pasta

Pasta is a straightforward meal to prepare. Nevertheless, its simplicity has led people to ignore some basics about making this wonderful dish. Many a time, cooks have made terrible pasta dishes that have turned out to be too soggy or stuck together.

As an upcoming chef, you should realize the importance of constant stirring to prevent the pasta from sticking together. Also, one should bear in mind that there are several types of pasta out there. Each of these pasta has different cooking times and methods.

Chef Mastery: Cooking Skills Every Chef Should Know

Melting Chocolate

Chocolate is simply sweet on its own. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped many chefs from incorporating this spectacular ingredient in a variety of desserts and pastries.

Making chocolate-based meals requires that you first melt the ingredient. But it isn’t necessary when you need chocolate chips instead. When melting chocolate, you have to take care not to burn it. That’s why laying solid chocolate on a pan under a direct flame is not recommended. However, a bain-marie comes in handy when you need some melted chocolate for your dessert recipes.

Roasting Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular dishes out there, especially when roasted or baked. As an upcoming chef, you should be aware of the basics surrounding the well-roasted chicken. Turkey is a mainstay of American Thanksgiving dinners and is closely related to chicken. Knowledge of chicken roasting should give you an upper hand when it comes to preparing a turkey.

Roasting chicken is excellent, but to make the dish even more appealing, stuffing is necessary. This involves adding spices and other filling material to the chicken. Chefs need to master the art of blending spices and combining and squeezing them into a chicken’s body before shoving the entire meat into an oven.

Besides what is taught in class, some skills need time, patience, and plenty of practice to master them. Some of these vital skills are mentioned in this article. To be a proficient cook, these skills are a must-have.

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