Cream Of Chicken Soup – How To Make A Great Chicken Soup

cream of chicken soup recipe

Some have even managed to create their own versions that have become popular all over the world. But as you go deeper into the search for a perfect chicken soup recipe, you will find that the choices you have are pretty limited.

Chicken Soup Stock Is Generally Vegetable Based

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The traditional chicken soup stock is generally vegetable based. Some people use chicken broth as a base, but this is not a recommended method. Using vegetable stock can result in a less than perfect soup and, besides, what can be considered as a classic chicken soup should be made with real fresh ingredients and not with imitation products that are cheaper but not as good.

Vegetable based stock gives the chicken soup recipe a richer flavor and the nutrients contained in the soup can be absorbed by the body. You may wonder how this can be achieved given that beef and vegetable proteins are too large to be absorbed easily. This is where the fat content comes into play and it is the fat in the stock which gives the best flavor.

You will need to experiment a bit when it comes to the exact ingredients you will use in your chicken soup recipe. If you have time and you are creative, you can even make use of various types of spices and seasonings to give your recipe that extra special flavor. An excellent suggestion is to add some thyme and basil leaves to the stock. You can even add bay leaves to give it a medicinal effect, reminiscent of chicken teas. There are many recipes online that you can try if you so wish, but remember that cream of chicken soup is usually best made with just salt and pepper.

Another Excellent Suggestion

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Another excellent suggestion for the seasoning of your chicken soup is onion powder. Not only does it give a nice onion flavor, but it also provides a welcome touch of flavor to any soup that is not chicken. You can also sprinkle fresh Rosemary over your soup as well. It is very aromatic and has a lovely earthy flavor.

You will definitely want to make sure that you season your chicken soup with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Parmesan has a mild flavor and adds a nice smoothness to any chicken soup recipe. It is very inexpensive and easy to acquire. You do however need to make sure you remove the stems before adding it to your recipe. If you leave the stems in the recipe, the cream will curdle, causing an unpleasant flavor.

You may choose to add a teaspoon of lemon juice to your stock. This is optional, but if you have the time and patience you can use lemon juice to add zest to your recipe. Lemon juice has a pungent flavor which is quite pleasant. If you are using this technique, it is important to only use fresh lemons. Using lemon juice that has been bottled lemon juice is not going to be as healthy for you as using the actual lemon.


Lastly, you can buy or make cream of chicken soup using your own recipes. There are hundreds of different recipes for cream of chicken soup out there. Some of the more popular ones are the baked chicken with cream base, bean soup base and the casserole cream of chicken base. You can also find many different recipes for vegetable soups. If you are having trouble finding the correct recipe, search online or use one of the free recipes that are available on the internet. Once you have decided on the type of soup you want to make, you can start putting your meal together.

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