Create a Hamburger Soup Recipe You and Your Family Will Love

hamburger soup recipe

Hamburgers and hotdogs are almost synonymous with America’s favorite appetizers, and that is why the hamburger soup recipe is so popular. This dish originated in the Black Forest of Germany, where it was originally intended for use as a food for the poor. However, when American soldiers were stationed in Germany during World War II, they were given a ration of soup to take back with them. This was not merely any type of soup; it was actually German chocolate cake in a can. Because the soldiers were living life on the run, they often left their ration behind. The recipe was never meant to be used as a main meal or a main course, but instead a quick dessert.

An Overview

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The soup recipe was not forgotten, and it was later made available to soldiers in the Korean War. It was very popular there, and it soon became a staple of the American table. As the world War broke out again in the 1950’s, Americans once again found themselves in dire situations when it came to food. With the tensions of the Cold War still high, the government did nothing to help stave off hunger, and so people turned to the very foods they had shunned for so long.

One of the best ways to get food into your diet is to make use of the same old favorite. hamburgers and hotdogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. You may have had a boring old hamburger from the drive-through while you were on break, but you can always make do with the same old canned recipe that everyone has been making for years. You can still use the same basic ingredients and just try to make it into a different style. For instance, instead of using ketchup as your condiment, try a little mustard for a change of pace.

Hamburger Soup Recipe

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For the sauce, use mayonnaise if you are using a can, and a little baking soda if you are making the hotdogs. You can make all sorts of substitutions for the traditional condiments if you want. If you are going to use ketchup, try using a variety of kinds. Just use the kind that your mom used which is better for you than the pickles that most restaurants use. If you are not going to be eating the hot dogs that day, replace them with potato chips instead, or use ground beef instead of hotdogs.

You can easily change up the taste of this soup recipe by adding anything that you think will fit the bill. For instance, did you know that onions will brighten the flavor of the soup? That is certainly true. Using onions will enhance the flavor of the bread and the vegetables much more than if you did not use them. There are many ways that onions can help your soup recipe.

Other items that you can add to this soup recipe to make it a little interesting include fresh dill pickles, celery stalks, hot dogs, and green beans. If you don’t like any of these things, then just leave them out because you are not planning on using them. If you happen to like them, then by all means add them. It won’t change the recipe that much. Just make sure that they are used in small amounts and not enough that they dominate the dish. Adding too many pickles or too many vegetables could make the recipe too spicy for most people.

One item that many people don’t consider when they are making a recipe like this is soda. While it does help to add some soda to the mix, it really isn’t necessary. You may find that you need a stronger beverage such as ginger ale or lemonade to get the same flavor that you are getting from soda. If you have never made this soup before, then you might want to try adding a few teaspoons of soda to the mix so that you can see how it goes. At the very least, this will give you one more ingredient to work with in your recipe.

In The End

There are many ways to make this recipe and enjoy it. Because of the ingredients that you have access to, it should be easy to create a batch that everyone will love. Make sure to use the best items and ingredients that you have to make your dish pop out and be the talk of the neighborhood. That is why it is important to always make sure that you are using the freshest and best products when you are making soup for the first time and adding new recipes to the mix.

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