Easy to Make BBQ Chicken Recipes

Bbq Chicken Recipe

This is a simple and tasty, easy to make BBQ Chicken recipe, using a very simple BBQ chicken marinade, some delicious indirect cooking, & slow smoking, yielding tender, flavorful, and moist BBQ Chicken all the time! This is a new favorite in the kitchen. The best laid plans always work out well!

Prepare The Marinade And The Chicken

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You can start off by preparing the marinade. All you need for this recipe is a light ranch dressing, some fresh lemon juice, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce or a marinade blend, and you’re good to go!

Once you have the marinade prepared, let’s get cooking! To cook the chicken you need some indirect heat. Start off by adding the marinade to the pan. Next, bring your smoker up to indirect cooking temperature. Use indirect heat and keep it that way, making sure to stir often.

Now it’s time to start cooking the chicken. Use your tongs to flip the chicken and place it onto a large serving dish. Let the chicken sit for about 10 minutes, allowing the chicken to “dissip” its juices. Once you are satisfied that the chicken is properly cooked, remove it from the oven. If you don’t like it cooked through, it’s okay to add another couple minutes.

Now to finish your easy to make BBQ Chicken Recipe, sprinkle your chicken with some salt and pepper (use your favorite seasoning blend!) and cover it with aluminum foil.

Place Your Chicken In Indirect Heat And Fire Up The Grill

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Place your chicken over indirect heat (preferably over a hot burner) and cover it with aluminum foil. Allow the chicken to cook in its own juices, in order to prevent burning. For optimal flavor and moistness, you may want to use indirect heat with the BBQ Chicken recipe on the first half of the cooking time and direct heat on the final half.

Fire up the grill or smoker to keep the meat moist while you prepare the other side of the meal. Once your finished, sit back and relax and enjoy the family’s enjoyment of your new tasty BBQ Chicken recipe!

To prepare the BBQ Chicken Recipe, cut off the chicken and shredding the excess fat from around the neck, then cut in the desired amount of vegetables to create a moist bite. When the chicken is cooked, add your desired amount of BBQ sauce, along with salt & pepper (use your favorite seasonings).

The Serving

Add the chicken directly onto the BBQ sauce and cover. Let it cook on indirect heat for about 5 minutes to help seal in all of the flavors. Serve immediately. If using a foil covered plate, make sure to place it directly on the grill or smoker.

For example, if you are going to serve this BBQ Chicken recipe with sweet potatoes, use a little less heat and a little more smoke. if you are going with a beef recipe, use a little more heat and a little less smoke!

In fact, when you are using your smoker, it’s a good idea to let the smoke linger for a few hours before you actually serve. This helps give it the opportunity to draw all of the flavors out. This allows the meat to draw all of the flavors and oils from the smoker into your BBQ Chicken Recipe.

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