Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe

easy vegetable soup

There always has been that special occasion when you know that you just have to make that all important easy vegetable soup. The pantry and fridge are almost bare. Now then, it’s easy Vegetable Soup in just 15 minutes can be created with virtually anything vegetables that you have on hand. And it’s always hearty enough for lunch.

An easy vegetable soup recipe is something to have on hand. One of the best ones is one that contains French green beans. These are used in a savory cream sauce along with carrots and celery. This particular recipe is rather simple to make but the flavor is outstanding.

Another wonderful and easy vegetable soup recipe that you can try is a chili that is made from black beans. To make this type of dish you need to start out with a good canned beans. You will then boil the beans in water for about ten minutes. Then use a can opener to take out the beans. Then simply cut up the beans into chunks and serve over heat with the rest of the meal.

Quick Way To Make Soup

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Of course another delicious recipe that you could try is one that would be classified under the comfort food realm. A quick way to make this type of soup is to take a nice sized piece of kale and chop it up. In addition to the kale you should also have some carrots and beets as well. Then you simply mix these items together and cook them down into a nice tasty vegetable soup.

If you are looking for some more quick and healthy soup recipes you might want to look into vegan butternut squash. This is a slightly sweet yet meaty squash that will make a fantastic base for your own unique recipes. To prepare this type of squash simply cook down the squash and add it to any vegetable dishes that you are already cooking. For example you can steam it along with some tomatoes, onions, and bell pepper. You can then sprinkle some salt and pepper on top and enjoy this hearty dish with bread.


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If you like your vegetables a little bit bitter you can consider a combination of carrots, celery, and parsley to create some delicious vegetable soup. To make this dish you simply combine all of these vegetables in a pot and cover them with some lemon juice. Allow them to simmer for about five minutes before serving. After it has finished cooking you simply need to drain the liquid and add it to your favorite dishes for a tasty treat.

One of the most popular items on the American diet is white corn. In fact it seems that every grocery store has a package of it on the shelves. Although there are other types of corn on the market, such as sweet corn and yellow corn, nothing compares to the flavor and aroma of worcestershire sauce. If you do not have the bottle in your fridge you can substitute with Worcestershire sauce of your choice.

This easy vegetable soup recipe is so versatile that you can make it for all types of events. For example you can make it for a tailgate party, a get together with family and friends, or even use it as the base for your next meal. You can serve it with crackers to make it more appealing to those who would be dining with you.


To ensure that the flavors are not lost you can also add canned peas in the mixture. The key to creating a high quality bowl of this noodle soup is the process of simmering the ingredients.

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