Four Delicious Microwave Dessert Recipes

microwave dessert recipe

We are all in need of good friends; the Microwave Dessert Recipe is that friend. Here’s how it works: After dinner or late night, you can get into the kitchen, put on a pair of jeans, grab your trusty coffee mug and microwave your favorite icy drink. You’re ready to rock till the early hours of the morning when your coffee is warm and piping hot. But wait! Before you pop that mug in the microwave, make sure you have the following.

An Overview

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Have an understanding of the three most popular microwave dessert recipes today. Use these familiar simple ingredients to create delicious and yummy creations that will have your family and friends asking you how you did it! Microwave Dessert recipes for Fall should really be called “microwave-weet-tummy.” So take a break from all your hard work today and reward yourself with a simple and yet delicious dessert; you deserve it for putting up with that over-indulgence. Check out the following top microwave dessert recipes for fall that include the most popular fall flavors.

Peanut Butter Cookie

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If you crave cookies but don’t like the taste of refined flour, consider using peanut butter instead. A cookie is simply a mixture of flour, sugar, butter and some baking powder. This very flavorful and healthy microwave dessert recipe makes a great base for other baked goods, such as pies, muffins, brownies or even ice cream cakes. Simply melt some butter and add your favorite cookies and blend them until smooth and creamy. Then scoop some of the mix into your favorite mugs or tins and enjoy your tasty home-cooked cookie cravings.

Baked Berry Walnut Mocha Milkshake

For the ultimate in sugar-free and low-fat comfort food, try this keto-friendly mug cake recipe. It’s topped with a rich maple glaze and contains no artificial sweetener, sugar, or calories. The maple syrup adds a subtle but powerful flavor, while the chocolate and walnut syrups help to add needed nutrients and fiber to this delectable treat. This delicious mug cake recipe makes an ideal dessert choice when paired with vanilla scones, but can be a good fit for breakfast as well. You can make the chocolate version of this tea-spiked mug cake by substituting instant coffee for regular sugar.

Baked Apple Sauce Mocha Chicken Fettuccine

Use this delicious microwave dessert recipe for fettuccine, chicken, or shrimp Alfredo sauce, as well as a full tablespoon of reduced-sugar milk. You’ll want to stir this chicken fettuccine recipe into your prepared sauce one at a time while stirring, so that it doesn’t stick to the ingredients. Then spoon the cooked fettuccine onto warm buns, and top with your reduced-sugar milk. Your mouth will water, and you will find that you have made a very healthy, and tasty meal, without having to worry about sacrificing taste.

If you’re looking for some other great ideas for making healthy desserts, you should also check out our sister site, All Recipes. We’ve found that there are many excellent cookbooks available on the market that focus on entrees, cakes, desserts, appetizers, and even the famous mac and cheese. If you enjoy pasta, bread, cheese, and other delicious ingredients, these books will help you create delicious entrees and desserts that are both nutritious and delicious.

One Minute Orange Mug Cake

This is one of our favorite orange mug cake recipes. This quickie is inspired by the “one minute” phenomenon, where a recipe only needs to be baked for a minute or two, and it’s ready to serve. Simply pour the batter into an orange mug, add one cup of skim milk, a whole handful of raspberries, one tablespoon of vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Microwave the batter, add the raspberries and vanilla, and microwave the cake on a low setting for one minute. Unwrap, remove the orange mug from the microwave, add the wet ingredients to the cake, and microwave the cake for another minute.


If you prefer cookie baking with a chocolate flavor, you’ll love this banana Twirl cookie recipe. You’ll need a microwave safe bowl, a measuring spoon, and approximately two to three tablespoons of sugar. Mix the dry ingredients together (including the sugar) until they are completely combined. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix until the dough comes out. Form the dough into balls, cover with a plastic ball or two, and place into the microwave. Cook for approximately five minutes, until the cookies are done.

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