Great Vegan Recipe Dinner Ideas

vegan recipe dinner

No cooking vegan recipe dinner is easier than this one! What could be easier than blending some beans, chopping vegetables, adding some spices, and cooking up a delicious meal in just about 15 minutes? This is by far one of the top picks for absolutely no cook meals. This Chickpea Tuna sandwich whips up nicely in your food processor and even can be served on crackers or in lettuce leaves if you prefer.

This Salads Are Easy to Create You can be as creative as you like when it comes to creating this healthy vegan recipe dinner. Try making it a grilled vegetable salad with chickpeas, tomatoes, and chickweed (just the seeds not the leaves). Serve with a sprout salad for a fresh taste sensation! This can also be doubled as a side dish with pasta.

An Overview

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This Bowl of Soup This vegan recipe dinner is simple enough that any household can make it. It calls for some good old fashion vegetable soup to start things off, then adds some chunks of tofu and some baby tomatoes to the mix to give it some depth. Finish it off with some crumbled tempeh for a cool and tasty end to an otherwise spicy dish. If you’re not cooking tonight, this is a fantastic idea to tide you over until your craving has been satiated!

This Bowl of Soup There are many ways to sum up this vegan recipe dinner – I would have to say that the main ingredient here is soup! This is creamy and goes great with any kind of squash, and even some sweet potatoes if you fancy a change. The great thing about this recipe is that there are no cooking utensils needed! Just some soup, a blender, a fork, and you’re all set.

Vegan Dinner Recipe Ideas

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Coleslaw You can add a little dressing to this Coleslaw if you wish, but I personally find it better left alone. I love the combination of carrots, celery sticks, red onions and green beans in their unique and tasty flavors. A lot of people use mayonnaise in their coleslaw though, so that may have to change. This dish is absolutely delicious on its own, but can also be dressed up with a little bit of nutritional yeast, which helps ward off any hunger pangs! Not only that, but the nutritional yeast also gives you a much needed boost of energy throughout the day.

Delish Tofu Baked Beans This is another quick and easy meal, which you can heat up in the microwave if necessary. I love the smoky flavor the beans add to the soup, and they are very filling too! With the addition of the chopped vegetables, deli tofu and roasted peanuts, this is a meal you can feel proud of making for your family. The great thing about this soup is you can make it as hot or as mild as you want – it is the perfect comfort food during the cold winter months!

Rainbow Salad I am of the mind that salads are absolutely delicious, but when it comes to vegan recipe dinners, they must be fabulous. These are brilliant for that holiday buffet or fancy lunch, and even better if you have made them the night before. The great thing about this salad is it is practically foolproof! It just takes some imagination, some fresh ingredients, some fresh fruits, some fresh vegetables, and most important…potatoes!

In The End

The vegan recipe dinner above is just one example of many that are both mouthwatering and very healthy. You can eat healthier meals than you ever could with some creativity and some additions to the recipe. If you keep things simple, you will find the results almost immediate. And believe me, your guests will thank you!

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