Here Is Korean Fried Chicken Recipe For Your Next Night Out

korean fried chicken recipe

Korean dishes are some of the mouth watering delicacies that you definitely need to learn. Besides serving the purpose of a side dish, this delicacy is one of the choices that you can enjoy with a glass of Soju or beer for instance. This spicy recipe plays an important role in every Korean drama you’ve watched till now. But this is time to learn this preparation and have it served at your ‘friends night out’. So, first, let us check out the ingredient list-

Ingredient List For Your Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

A plate of food with a slice cut out

Well, the recipe is divided into three parts. Here are the ingredient choices listed part by part for you to understand better-

Items you will need to prepare the wings-

Items that you need to prepare the sauce-

Ingredients that you need to garnish the preparation-

Directions To Follow The Preparation Method-

A plate of food with meat and vegetables

First, let us begin with preparing the wing-

Make The Sauce Now

Well, you are done with the preparation, time to serve. Have the dish served with sesame seed to add subtle detail to the yummy food.


Well, here is your

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