How To Cook A Chicken Cacciatore

chicken cacciatore recipe

Chicken cacciatore is probably Italy’s best known homemade food. You can easily buy it from your local Italian market or grocery store. It comes in a thick soup that usually consists of meat balls, rice and tomato sauce. This soup is used to serve when you have a gathering and need something to heat up. Serve this delicious soup with potatoes, polenta, boiled pasta, low rice or low carb noodles, along with a delicious dinner roll or slice of garlic bread for an irresistible comfort food!

Italian Seasonings

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Although the classic Italian chicken cacciatore recipe usually only consists of one ingredient, the variations that can be made include adding various Italian seasonings. Begin by adding chicken bones, fatback and any other seasonings that you wish to add. Then brown the fat and slice the chicken into thin pieces. You should be able to keep all of the thin pieces intact so that you can dip them into the prepared tomato sauce. Italian cooks typically serve the chicken with rice, which creates a delicious light and flavorful side dish.

The chicken cacciatore can also be made with varying amounts of vegetables. One variation is to replace the fat with olive oil. Another idea is to use zucchini instead of potato. This will make a delicious creamy sauce for the chicken and also allow you to vary the thickness of the sauce. If you are using low carb noodles, you may want to cut back on the pasta and serve the chicken with a thicker pasta sauce.

Cook The Ingredients Together

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In this Italian recipe, you will be using the heat permitted to cook the ingredients together, stirring frequently. Cook the ingredients for about 2 minutes. You should have an opening in the pan to release the cooked ingredients into the sauce. As the ingredients release, they will mix with the juices in the pan and create a smooth, thick sauce.

To make the chicken thighs, you should use a food processor to chop the onions and bell pepper into small pieces. Then, place the chopped pieces into your food processor. Then, add the garlic, rosemary, and thyme to the chopped onion and bell pepper. You will want to mix these ingredients well until they become a smooth paste. You will then blend in the ground beef, breaking it up with a wooden spoon to create a roux.

Mixture To Simmer On Low Heat

With this easy Italian recipe for chicken cacciatora, you will want to allow the mixture to simmer on low heat. You will find that when this has finished cooking, you can serve it with pasta, such as linguine or Manischewa. You can also serve this with your favorite pizza sauce. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this delicious dish.

Another nice thing about this traditional Italian recipe for chicken cacciatore, is the fact that you can get away with using all sorts of fresh vegetables. When you use fresh vegetables, you will notice that they retain a lot more nutrients than vegetables that you purchase at the grocery store. For example, squash, onions, and bell peppers retain a lot more nutrients than carrots, beets, or parsley. This makes them a great choice to top your pasta.


To finish off this delicious dish, you should consider adding some tomato sauce to give it a nice, sweet flavor. You will also want to serve it with your favorite breadsticks or wedges. If you do not want to use them, you may also consider shredding the turkey, browning the onions, and adding the cheese. When it is all done, you will have one fine meal that everyone will love. The key to cooking a good chicken cacciatore, is to cook it quickly and effectively.

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