How To Cook Rice In A Perfectly Fluffy Way?

Learning how to cook rice is that simple, just like riding a bike since not much is involved like in other dishes. Once you are able to cook that perfectly fluffy rice for the very first time, it becomes very easy to repeat the same thing over and over without messing up. This dish, whether brown or white or any other type you may happen to prefer, is always a staple in countless dishes and so being knowledgeable on the best way to make it yourself might be one of the finest skills you can ever acquire.

Instructions are paramount in any cooking process since they act as a guide in helping you know what needs to be done at each and every stage. For most of us, if not everyone, I know we have at some point, burnt rice at least and that could have been avoided if we were using a guide.

For an excellent experience when it comes to cooking that perfectly fluffy rice, here is a simple guide which you can comfortably use and it will be of much help in giving you some of the best tips and steps important while cooking rice;


  • Saucepan with a lid
  • Water
  • Measuring cup
  • Rice
  • Salt
  • Fork
  • Wooden spoon
How To Cook Rice In A Perfectly Fluffy Way?
How To Cook Rice In A Perfectly Fluffy Way?

Steps To Follow

  • Heat Water To Boil And Add Salt

Upon rinsing your rise, pour water which should be 1¾ cups for a cup of rice into a fairly large saucepan which should have a tight-fitting lid. Now bring it to a boil and add salt to taste.

  • Add Rice

Add rice to the boiling water for it to cook.

  • Stir Enough To Separate The Rice Grains

This should be done using a wooden spoon. It is aimed at separating any clumps which might have been formed. Of importance to note here is that over stirring should be avoided to prevent your meal from becoming sticky.

  • Cover The Pot And Then Simmer

The lid to be used should tightly fit on the used pot. Turn down the heat source you are using to its lowest setting. Now let the rice simmer for around 18 minutes before removing the heat source to allow the rice steam further for about 5 minutes.

Fluff Your Rice Using A Fork

How To Cook Rice In A Perfectly Fluffy Way?
How To Cook Rice In A Perfectly Fluffy Way?

This should be done just before serving. To do it, gently fluff your meal using a fork to separate the rice grains.

It is recommended that you should not uncover the saucepan or stir your rice during cooking. If on a special case this is done before you are ready to serve your rice, place a clean folded towel over the saucepan, replace the used lid, and set it aside. Here, the purpose of using a towel is mainly to absorb the excess moisture, give room for condensation, and finally prevent chances of ending up with mushy and overcooked rice.

If the above steps and tips are carefully followed, be sure that you will end up with perfectly cooked rice which everyone who tastes it will love. Try this today, and you will love the experiences.

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