How To Cook Rice With Even More Technique -

How To Cook Rice With Even More Technique

How To Cook Rice In The Best Way?

The beauty of the dining table is brought about by colorful and attractive dishes. Everybody loves the aroma of sweet food. Rice is a favorite dish for many people and thus needs to be prepared in a way that is pleasing to come up with an alluring meal. This will encourage you to take more rice. If you love a rice dish that is light and comforting, slightly sieve out through the fingers is the best post for you. You will undoubtedly enjoy the delicious rice prepared using the simple guidelines mentioned in this post. So without further ado, here is how to cook rice in the best way.

Here are the best tips that will enable you to prepare a pleasant rice every time. Any rice will use the same methods.

Choosing The Right Pot For Cooking

We recommend a heavy-bottomed pot because it is easy to control its heated surface. This will prevent your rice from burning. A pot with a thin surface will be hard to control when heated. Weight and density are key determinants in cooking vessels as it ensures that heat is distributed evenly. When steaming your food, there will be no burning problem faced nor rice sticking at the bottom.

Rinsing Or Soaking Your Rice

How To Cook Rice In The Best Way?
How To Cook Rice With Even More Technique

Rinsing enables you to get rice that is less sticky at the end of cooking because it reduces surface starch. It also helps in washing away the chemicals used in the processing of the rice in the industry. This is not the case today as most rice comes clean and ready to be cooked. Soaking improves the texture of rice that is much tough.

Getting The Right Amounts Of Water And Rice

The main ingredients here are water and rice. There should always be a good balance between the two to give a fluffy meal. Two cups of water should always accompany a single cup of rice to get an excellent result.  But this will majorly depend on the kind of rice you are dealing with. White rice whose outer bran surface is removed may need little water when compared to brown rice. The best way is to avoid using too little water and ensure that you have enough. At least draining can be an option when water exceeds than under-cooking your rice when water is scarce.

Minimize On Salt Inclusion

Salting gives an excellent flavor to your rice. It is best when adding salt in your cooking water and stir to mix or when water is stirred into rice. You should, however, be very careful not to add too much of it as it will cause the grains to be dashed to pieces.  You can add your salt with other flavorings like cinnamon and more. This method ensures there is a uniform flavoring throughout the rice. Try to avoid adding rice after the cooking is complete.

Treat Your Rice With Olive Oil

How To Cook Rice In The Best Way?
How To Cook Rice With Even More Technique

This is done until the rice is lightly cooked by browning to increase the flavor. Olive oil is used to coat the grains in such a manner that they will be sliding on each other and prevents them from being starchy.

Time Of Cooking

The time needed when cooking your rice varies based on the type present. You just need to add your rice to the water that is boiling and reduce your heat ready for simmering, and the pot should be covered. White rice is cooked for about 15 minutes, brown rice 20 minutes, and wild rice may take up to 45 minutes for all the water to be absorbed. Do not stir. After this time, you can pick grain to test if it’s ready or you will observe tiny holes on the surface of your rice where the steam escaped through. When the rice is hard, you are required to give it more time. Once it is done, turn off the heat and cover it again for 10 minutes. This allows the steam to spread its moisture to be distributed more evenly. And then it is ready to be served.  

Be sure to get perfect fluffy rice after observing the discussed principles at all times. Try them today, and thank me later!

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