How To Make A Mushroom Soup Recipe

When you want to freeze and store the delicious cream of mushroom soup, you do not need to add the cream to the pot as you make it. Wait until the last moment to whisk in the cream and then store it in an airtight container.

The mushrooms will have lost their flavor if left out for too long, so they should be chopped up into small pieces before being added to the cooking time. It is best to use the same pot and pan that the cream is going to in order to avoid any cross-contamination. If the mushrooms are used in several different dishes, it may take a little more time to prepare the other recipes.

If you are going to use fresh mushrooms in your mushroom soup, it is important to season them properly. They should not be soaked and no salt should be added to the cooking liquid. Fresh mushrooms are very good in this recipe, but if you are using canned mushrooms, it may take a little longer to prepare them, so consider doing some research before purchasing them.

The Mushrooms Should Be Soaked Overnight

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In general, mushrooms should be soaked overnight and then rinsed with cold water or stock to remove any excess liquid. Once rinsed, the mushrooms can be placed in a pot and placed on the stove, covered loosely with plastic wrap to keep the moisture inside and the flavor from escaping.

For the cooking time, it will take about twenty minutes to prepare the soup. It will cook all the way through while the liquid in the pot remains hot.

Once the mushrooms are ready, you can add them to the other ingredients. There are other toppings you can add to the soup. For example, cheese, bacon, chives or even spinach. Just remember to leave out the parsley.

If the mushrooms are not available, you may consider making some biscuits with the mushrooms. However, if you have the time, you can cook up a full pound of mushrooms for an even more delicious dish. You may even add some fresh mushrooms to the cookies or breads to serve as side dishes.

Combining the Ingredients

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When you make a mushroom soup recipe, you may find it easier than you think to combine the ingredients. A couple of tips to help you along are: if you are using a can of mushrooms, you can soak the mushrooms overnight.

Once they are ready, pour off as much of the soaking liquid as possible and rinse the mushrooms with cold water. Let them sit for a few hours, then rinse again with cold water. Be sure to wash any stems that have fallen out or that you did not get rid of.

Once they are completely dried out, you may want to cut the mushrooms into smaller pieces. Just be sure to make sure the pieces fit well together when they are put back in the container.

When putting the mushrooms back into the container, it is also important to keep the mushrooms separate so they do not all mix together. This can make the soup lumpy. Also, you will have to check to make sure that the mushrooms are well sealed when you pour the liquid into the pot.

Final Thought

You will also need to take away some of the liquid and let the mushrooms cool down a bit before you use the mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are cooled, you can add them to the simmering broth and then bring the mixture to a boil.

In this time, the mushrooms will begin to absorb the flavors, and get even more aromatic. Once the soup has completed simmering, you can finish it off by adding the cream. Some people like to add chives or cheese, and some just add bacon. You can add the cream in two ways, either by mixing it in with the liquid or by pouring it over top of the mushrooms.

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