How To Make Noodle Soup In A Big Batch

wonton soup recipe

I’ve made this soup multiple times, both in the original flavor and in a variation that I like to call the “Chinese noodle soup.” I’ve also made it with white fish (that’s what I use in the recipe) and pork. Because the base is chicken, you can make this soup with virtually any protein, including vegetarian if you’re on a meat-free diet.

Wonton Soup Recipe

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This wonton soup recipe originally came from my mother-in-law’s restaurant. Back when she worked there, the dining experience wasn’t always the best. She used to serve Chinese noodles along with her meals. We’d come home from dinner and all she could eat was the chicken wings and the rice that came with it. So one day, as an excuse to get us all out of the house, she made this delicious soup.

Though the traditional recipe is still the same, we’ve updated it to make it clear. Now it includes dried shrimp, a more appropriate base for the noodle mixture, and chicken strips to round out the taste. Although the tried-old wonton soup recipe uses vegetable stock in place of water, we’ve decided to replace it with water instead.

Recipe To Make Soup

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First, in measurements, we added an onion, a carrot, some potatoes, and a half a cup of chicken stock to the pot. Using a scale to measure, we found that this was a serving size of four people. Now, to increase flavor, we used a teaspoon of fresh ginger and a half a cup of chopped, pea-shaped chunks of scallions. To help with the thickening of the soup base, we added one tablespoon of flour. The noodles were ready after about ten minutes simmering.

After mixing the ingredients together and simmering, we served our homemade soup to our friends and family. They all raved about how good it was and asked for more. Of course, to add a little more flavoring, we tossed in some minced shallots and maybe a bit of Rosemary or sage. With this change, we were left with something really nice.

Items Available On Chinese, Japanese Or Thai Restaurants

Now I know that many people will find this item very hard to find, as it is not sold in most grocery stores. If you happen to live in an area where there are many Chinese, Japanese, or Thai restaurants, you might be able to find a bowl of onions in your local Asian market or grocery store. This bowl of soup has a very strong flavor, and we’ve found that many people love it, but others find it to be too spicy for their taste.

Bottom Lines

As for the wontons: when your soup is finished cooking, remove them from the heat source and allow them to cool. Once they have cooled, you can then transfer them to a clean and air-tight container in order to prevent them from drying out. You can also wrap individual wontons in kitchen towel and place them into the refrigerator. Just be sure to always use a big batch of frozen wontons when making these dishes – you won’t want to have to throw away half of them!

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