Know Everything About Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

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Chicken is among everyone’s favourite meats. The loved chicken served as a savoury pie is just a purpose of spreading food love. The savoury chicken pot pie is one of the most liked savoury dishes. The shredded boneless chicken with a golden crust and the goodness of all vegetables is something highly admired by the food lovers. The Chicken Pot pie Recipe can bring your whole event together. 

Love For Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

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The savoury dish is loved for its flavours by the food lovers and the reason is different for the dish maker. The chef or the homemakers love to make the Chicken pot pie because of the time and the ingredients that are required in the preparation of the dish. The ingredients are not only simple but are also easily available in the kitchen. With a good recipe and implementation of the steps, a tasty Chicken pot pie recipe can be made easily. The following section can help you in getting noticed for the best chicken pot pie recipe.

Ingredients For The Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

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The recipe grabs a lot of attention because of the simple ingredients that are used. As the name suggests, Chicken is the most essential component. The Chicken breasts are used for preparing a Chicken pot pie. The boneless and shredded chicken are the source of flavor in the recipe. The flavour is increased by the addition of vegetables. The list is not long. It includes only carrots and peas. Onion, chopped and chicken broth are also used. The filling is creamy because of the addition of butter, heavy cream. Minced garlic and chopped parsley and thyme are the important components. The crust can be prepared using all- purpose flour, baking soda, kosher salt and ice. It is recommended to use store bought crust which will definitely save your time and efforts.

Preparation Of Chicken Pot Pie

The following steps can be followed to get the best of Chicken pot pie. The steps include preparation of the filling in advance and the steps for cooking chicken, including filling and then assembling the pie and cooking. 

  1. Preparation of filling- This includes sauteing of the chopped ingredients in butter. Chicken broth and milk are then added and brought to boil. The shredded or chopped chicken is then cooked in the broth with peas and carrots.
  2. Rolling the Crust– Heating the oven at 425℉. Roll out the crust in the pre-greased container. Pour chicken mixture onto the crust and cover it with another crust roll.
  3. Baking- Bake for 35 minutes for a golden brown crust.


The recipe offers  6-8 servings and can also be stored for upto 2 days without cooking. This simple and effective recipe can be a way to make great connections and relations. The recipe can also be tried by people who are not into cooking regularly.

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