Memorial Day Dessert Recipe – How To Find Out The Best Recipe

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You must try to make your three-day weekend of Memorial Day your ultimate favorite by trying out the Memorial Day dessert recipe. If you want to make your Memorial Day special, then these recipes will lead you to the door of deliciousness. Hence, make sure to try them out if you are looking for some Memorial Day dessert recipes.

Memorial Day Dessert Recipe – Fried Ice Cream

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For your ultimate Memorial Day dessert recipe, you need a pint of vanilla cupcake ice cream and 1 and ½ tbsp. of butter. Also, keep ready 1 and ¼ cup of crushed corn cereal and ½ tsp. of ground cinnamon. You can have whipped cream and sprinkles for garnishing. First, line a sheet tray with parchment paper and place it in the freezer. You must scoop your ice cream into balls and place them on a prepared sheet tray. Then remember to keep them in the freezer while making some cereal mixture for around half an hour. Take a medium skillet and melt butter over a medium flame. Add all the other ingredients and cook it. When the cereal turns golden remove and stirs in sugar. Place it on a bowl and let it cool. Then, remove your ice cream from the freezer and roll them in that mixture. Top it up with your ingredient for garnishing and your Memorial Day dessert recipe is done.

Memorial Day Dessert Recipe – Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bites

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For this Memorial Day dessert recipe, you need 3 containers of two good peach Greek yogurt and 9 tbsp. of milk. 1 Tbsp. of honey and ¼ c each of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and ½ peach cut into fine sizes. You must line the mini-muffin tin with paper liners and whisk the yogurt with milk and honey in a bowl. Pour them into the liners and top the yogurt with a piece of every fruit. You can fill the yogurt cups with the remaining mixture and top it with fruits. You should freeze them for 2 hours and then your Memorial Day dessert recipe is ready to be served.

Memorial Day Dessert Recipe – Grilled Peaches

For this Memorial Day dessert recipe, you need 4 ripe peaches halved and pitted. Next, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil and vanilla ice cream for serving. Some honey for drizzling and flaky sea salt. You must heat the grill to a medium-high flame and brush the peaches with oil. You must grill cut-side down until they are soft. You must flip the skin-side down and grill for 6 minutes. Serve it with ice cream, a drizzle of honey, and some flaky sea salt sprinkle.


All these Memorial Day dessert recipes are easy to make and do not demand much time and effort from you. They will make your weekend perfect and much sweeter than you imagine. The next time you are planning for a brilliant dessert recipe, then you have to take a look at memorial day dessert recipe and options we have provided here because this might sum up to some interesting eatable options for you.

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