Scrambled Tofu Fried Rice Recipe

tofu dinner recipe

There are many different ways to prepare a tofu dinner. This type of meat is used in so many dishes that it is easy to find one that is perfect for you. Whether it is Chinese, Japanese, Indian or South American, this is one of the most versatile and healthy meats you can find. The great thing about tofu is that it does not have a flavor all its own. You can add all sorts of things to it to give it the flavor you desire, but with the variety of ingredients you can also choose ones that have very little flavor to them.

One of the things people enjoy most about tofu is the variety of cooking ingredients that are available for it. From stir-frying to baking and roasting, there is something for everyone when it comes to tofu. If you are looking for a tofu dinner recipe, chances are you have tried a few of the dishes that use tofu in them. You will be surprised at how easy and flavorful it can be to make these dishes.

An Overview

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One of the most common dishes that uses tofu in a dish is the classic peanut butter and cashew chicken. This recipe combines spicy peanuts and sweet, mild cashews to create a unique, yet delicious dish. You will want to start by measuring out your tofu pieces, roughly two cups total. Then you will want to prepare your cooking ingredients. Typically, you will want to use a teaspoon of each of: nutritional yeast, lemon juice, water, and brown sugar.

Now it is time to start preparing your tofu dinner recipe. To make the nutritional yeast roll, simply mix the nutritional yeast into a bowl of warm water. Once mixed, slowly add in the water mixture. Stir to combine. Next, you will want to heat up your nonstick skillet until it is very hot. Place your tofu in the skillet, and cook it on one side until it is done.

Scrambled Tofu Fried Rice Recipe

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Now, it is time to get down to some more delicious and easy tofu scramble. This delicious dessert is quick and easy to make. To begin, mix together one tablespoon of each white and black beans along with one tablespoon of soy milk. Once mixed, you will want to add in your dry roasted brown rice, followed by your soy milk, and then your water.

The next step in this delicious tofu recipe is to take out your measuring cup and cut a thick slice of bread into small pieces. Then you will take your prepared tofu and carefully press it down into the small pieces of bread. This will create pockets within the tofu, which will help it to bake faster and more evenly.

When your tofu is baking, place it onto a plate and add in your vegetables. At this point you will want to add in your green onions and roasted garlic. For about a minute, cover the vegetables and allow them to slowly cook. After about five minutes, take your vegetable tray and add in your cooked tofu.

In order for this dish to be completed, you will need to mix in your rice noodles. If you feel that you are not up to cooking your own vegetables, feel free to purchase your ingredients from your local Asian food store. To complete the dish, you will simply need to add in your baked tofu, green onions, mushrooms and your rice noodles. Let the mixture cook for about five minutes and enjoy your new homemade recipe.

Bottom Line

If you would like to make a more traditional baked potato recipe utilizing your pressed tofu then simply substitute the tofu for your regular potatoes. The texture will be the same but the taste and flavor will be all different. A great snack idea for a special occasion is the slightly scrumptious scramble tofu fried rice that is featured on many of the vegetarian restaurant menus.

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