Dessert Recipes You Need

Dessert Recipes You Need: The Easiest Pineapple Upside

Desserts are the most highly anticipated meals after the main course is done. For those with a sweet tooth, dessert recipes are akin to the main course. However, the work that goes into preparing dessert puts off a lot of people from indulging in the same.

So how can one still have their dessert without having to tire themselves? Simple; whip up a bowl of pineapple upside-down cake sundae. It is easy to make, takes mere minutes to prepare and superbly delicious.

Pineapple Upside-Down Sundae

Dessert Recipes You Need: The Easiest Pineapple Upside
Dessert Recipes You Need

Have you ever wanted a dessert that is simple to prepare but tastes divine at the same time? Well, you have come to the right place. The pineapple upside-down cake sundae is your best bet for the ultimate dessert. It is a sweet and enjoyable dessert recipe that will have you asking for additional servings.

If you love fruits, and especially pineapples, then this is a must-have recipe in your cookbook. Mix up some of the best-tasting fruits together and come up with a delightful dessert course, the entire family is sure to enjoy.

Ingredients For Dessert Recipes

Dessert Recipes You Need: The Easiest Pineapple Upside
Dessert Recipes You Need
  • A half-cup of pineapples
  • A half-cup of vanilla ice-cream
  • One tablespoon of honey
  • A half-cup of whipping cream
  • One tablespoon of sugar
  • Some cherries; a handful should do the trick
  • 4 crackers
  • Cinnamon
  • One tablespoon of butter


You first need to melt the butter. To do so, heat a small skillet and add the butter onto it. Use a gentle heat, or you will spoil the butter. Once melted, add your sugar, cinnamon, and honey into the skillet. Allow your mixture to cook for some time until the sugar crystals completely dissolve. After dissolving, keep up the heat level for some time until the mix is heated adequately.

In a separate dish, add the ice cream and crackers. Crumble the crackers beforehand so that it will be easy to spread over the ice-cream. Then add you pineapples which should be suitably warm, whipped cream and cherries.

After the last step, serve right away before the ice-cream melts away. If you do not have any crackers on hand, you can still use other pastry types like crumbled cake and croissants.

The Take-Away Dessert Recipes

The Easiest Pineapple Upside Dessert Recipes You Need

This recipe serves two people. However, the sheer sweetness in the dessert will have you whipping up another batch before long.

Pineapple upside-down cake sundae is a fantastic dessert option for the whole family. Summer afternoons are simply perfect for this recipe because the ice cream is sure to cool things off.

They aren’t a healthy option for a lot of people, but who cares. This is dessert, a meal that allows you to spoil yourself every once in a while. However, for those watching their weight is sure not to overindulge in desserts too often. Once or to times a week is just fine. This way, you won’t get used to the taste and get bored with the entire idea of pineapple upside-down cake sundae. It would be unfortunate not to want to partake in this flavorful dish.

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