The Right Low Fat Dessert Recipe

lowfat dessert recipe

Are low-fat desserts recipe the new fad? These new creations seem to be popping up all over the place and for good reason. People are trying to eat healthier and live better, and it seems that sometimes healthy doesn’t come easy! Who can blame them? With all of the food recalls and the growing reports of negative side effects from many prescription drugs, you wouldn’t expect the low-fat dessert to pop up all too often.

But you know what? It absolutely can! A properly made, sugar-free dessert is a great way to get your kids to eat lower on the fat and sugar, especially if you have been telling them for years that they should skip the cake and the cookies. But how do you make one?

Sugar Options

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One of the best things about having a low-fat dessert recipe is that there is no need to feel like you’re giving something up. Sugar substitutes and low-fat fillings can help make even fattening recipes taste better. The trick is knowing which ones to use and how to make them without causing those empty calories to turn into unhealthy sugar surges!

Here are some low-fat choices for your next dessert. One of the most popular low-fat options is the fruit cake. This quick bread-like treat can be served in its natural state, with the addition of whipped cream and cherries or blueberries, or you can bake it, frost it and serve it like a hot cake. Another great option is the fruit-flavored hot chocolate, which has no calories and lots of yummy, exotic flavors!

Use Fresh Ingredients

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But really, you can use just about any type of low-fat dessert recipe that you enjoy: fresh fruit, yogurt, chocolate, cereal, pudding, anything with low-fat ingredients and low-calorie count. Many cookbooks have several different recipes that you can experiment with and change to your heart’s desire. If you do find a recipe that sounds good and is low fat enough for you, just take it to the next level by adding low-fat ingredients and cutting some extra calories or using completely natural and organic ingredients instead.

Light Sauces Or Toppings

Another great way to turn your basic, non-low fat, dessert recipes into healthy, low-fat alternatives is to use “light” sauces or toppings. For example, instead of using full fat or low-fat milk or cream, which can add calories to your dessert, why not substitute for it with a soy-based or zero-calorie yogurt sauce? You can also substitute heavy cream with more light recipes such as yogurt and cottage cheese. You’ll also find recipes that use less oil, such as cottage cheese or almond butter.


One thing you’ll need to keep in mind when making any low fat or low carb diet is portion control. Since your goal is to keep your portions down, this will need to be taken into account. So while a no-sugar-added cake may look good, it may come out to calories heavy if you have a lot of coffee or tea, for instance, or if you pair it with a piece of chocolate-coated angel food cake. Keep in mind that desserts can be a great source of fiber if you pair them with a raw vegetable or fruit dessert, especially raw vegetables and fruits with little or no added sugar. You can add low-fat ice cream to your low-fat dessert recipe as well to make it taste even better.

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